About Us

2019-2020 board: Kelly Linnemann, President; Jaime Diamond, Secretary; Andrew Velin, Treasurer; Becca Hyman, board member.

In December 2015, a small team of families joined together to form Anacortes’ first Montessori Elementary. After a year of diligently working towards completing several tasks, they are proud to announce the birth of Fiddlehead Montessori. We are thrilled to offer our community an alternative for elementary education. Fiddlehead opened with twelve students in September 2017.

Our beginnings

Fiddlehead began with three moms (below) who believe in Montessori education and wantto combine the child’s natural love of life and learning with the values of hard work and self-discipline. At Fiddlehead Montessori, it is our goal for our students to graduate with a capacity for self-knowledge, independence, and the ability to map their course through adolescence and eventually to adulthood.

Jaime, Heidi, and Kelly.

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